Good Things Come To Those Who Masturbate

Religion, society, us as women, stigmatize masturbation.What if I told you that masturbation is essential to our health, wealth and happiness? Do you want to live a life turned on?

Let me start by by giving you some comfort food for thought. We are from sex. We are sex. Everything is from sex. The flowers are from sex. The animals are from sex. All creation and creativity is from sex. So why do we stigmatise it instead of embracing our life force?

“Sex is your life force. No sex — no life, it is as simple as that.” Osho, spiritual leader

Let’s embrace our life force, our sex energy, by embracing self-love. When we practice self love, we open ourselves up to fully loving ourselves. And then it expands. We open ourselves to receiving love. We open ourselves to fully giving unconditional love. We present ourselves to the world with happiness and vitality. We attract wonderful things and people to us, because of the high vibration that we emanate.

Maturbation has the same vibration and benefit of meditation. How great is that? Think about it. When you meditate, you are out of your head and completely present. It’s the same with masturbation. You are present with your body and your pleasure. If you’re like me, I have no patience for meditation. But I do love to take the time to be present with myself. Loving every part of my body. Exploring me and what makes me feel good. I noticed some great external benefits for myself as  well. I had increased sales in my former career, when I would take time to practice self love. That’s just one benefit.

Other benefits of masturbation:

  • Better sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Physical health
  • Better relationships
  • Pain relief
  • Better complexion
  • Increased pleasure during intercourse
  • Decreased need for artificial mood enhancers
  • Increased body image

Take time to love yourself. Good things come to those who masturbate.

Watch for Part 2 where I will go into some self love practices.1456411094135130694


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