Sexual Expectations

Do you go into a sexual encounter with expectations? WHY???


Whether we intend to or not, more often than not, we go into a sexual encounter with the expectation of getting to the big O and/or getting our partner to the big O. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to perform. What are we…trained monkeys? monkey-toy-201x300Having expectations can often lead to disappointment, both in ourselves and in our partner.

I, of course, am not guilty of this. Ahem. Right… I know from personal experience how disappointing this can be and I have missed the boat of experiencing another person just to enjoy experiencing them. Admittedly, I have even gotten outwardly upset, when I didn’t “get mine” first. For a while, I adopted an attitude that if I didn’t “get mine”, you weren’t going to get yours. That did no good for anyone.

Mind you, one shouldn’t be selfish when it comes to sex, but isn’t having expectations just that? It’s selfish and it serves no one.

How about having a truly memorable sexual experience instead? Plan for plenty of time. Make a game of seeing how many new electric places you can find on your partner’s body. Have even more fun by drawing a little heart on those spots. Don’t be in a rush and take turns. Maybe ten minutes each.

Laugh and play. Good sex isn’t cut and dry. The reality is, great sex is messy and unpredictable. Have Fun.



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