Get Naked With Me

Let’s sexualize nudity. After all, we were born having sex. We have sex every time we bathe or shower. We have sex every time we change our clothes…WTF?!

Why do we sexualize nudity Americans? Yes I am talking directly to you. Nudity is our original and most natural state. It’s beautiful and it’s honest.

Have you ever just had a conversation with someone while you were both naked? Try lying while you’re naked. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it sure isn’t easy. Nudity strips us of pretense. It evens the playing field. We no longer have anything to hide and frankly, don’t feel the need to. There is no rich or poor in nudity. There is no education division, color division, identification division, etc. It’s just pure.

“Pornography is a by-product of religious repression. The whole credit goes to the priests. Pornography has nothing to do with pornographers. The pornography is created, managed by the Church, by the religious people.

In a primitive, natural state, man is not pornographic. When human beings are naked and nude and man knows the woman’s body and woman knows the man’s body, you cannot sell PLAYBOY. It is impossible. Who will purchase PLAYBOY? And who will look into all that crap? They have repressed so much that man’s obsession of pornography. The whole credit goes to them. They have repressed so much that man’s mind is boiling. The man wants to see the woman’s body. Nothing wrong in it, a simple desire, a human desire. And the woman wants to know the man’s body. A simple desire, nothing wrong about it.

Just think of a world where trees are covered with clothes. There are people…. I have heard about some English ladies who cover their dogs and cats with clothes. Just think, cows and horses and dogs dressed. Then you will find new pornography arising. Somebody will publish a NUDE picture of a tree — and you will hide it in a Bible and look at it! This whole foolishness is out of religious repression.

Make man free, allow people to be nude. I am not saying they should continuously be nude, but nudity should be accepted. On the beach, at the swimming pool, in the home… nudity should be accepted. The children should take a bath with the mother, with the father, in the bathroom. There is no need for the father to lock the bathroom when he goes in. The children can come and have a talk and chitchat and go out. Pornography will disappear.

Each child wants to know. “How does my daddy look?” Each child wants to know, “How does my mother look?” And this is simply intelligence, curiosity. And the child cannot know what the mother looks like, and the child cannot know what the father looks like; now you are creating illness in the child’s mind. It is YOU, that YOU are ill, and the illness will be reflected in the child’s mind.

I am not saying sit nude in the office or in the factory. If it is hot, it is okay, but there is no need to be naked, it should not be an obsession; but this continuous obsession of hiding your body is just ugly.” – Osho

Hmmmm. Could the solution to the pornography problem be that simple? No way! Let’s keep throwing billions of dollars at solving it only to have it not go away. That makes a lot more sense.

Oh, oh, oh…and let’s all go get artificial enhancements, because we hate our bodies that we hide behind clothes anyway. That makes sense.


I so mandate it that no child shall be born naked. That makes sense.


11 thoughts on “Get Naked With Me

  1. its the other way around, you know. realizing that we oversexualize nudity because we first hide our bodies in shame is only halfway there.

    over-associating nudity (which as an aside, was the predecessor to fig– the name actually comes from the logo) with sexuality doesnt come from body-shame! the body-taboo comes from being ashamed of sex itself!

    so if we hadnt decided to bottle up sexuality into something no one talked about our openly admitted to, we could be naked. at least i strongly believe this, despite the single piece of evidence i have to the contrary (cultures that are unashamed of their bodies, but still have strong taboos about sex.) or perhaps that *supports* my argument that sex-taboos come first, and body taboos second.

    i maintain that if we ditched our taboos about sex, that no one could possibly worry about their body. now if you want to go in the other direction like you were doing before (and i think its valuable to do) and look at all the harm it does the human psyche to have all this cartoonish shame about our own human nature, think of all the industry built on giving us back a little of our sexuality, a little of our pride– as a culture we steal it from ourselves and sell it back to ourselves in little bits and pieces. hilarity ensues.

    i love your blog! its sexy. thats a wonderful thing! 🙂 regarding my aside, fig is a programming language. the language it came from was called “nudity,” for its “completely stripped down” syntax.


    1. Some might say , it’s the chicken and the egg argument . I appreciate your point of view on this . My experience with people on both a personal and a professional level has shown me that until people get past their discomfort with body image and nudity , they can’t tackle any shame or discomfort with sex.

      I know nothing about coding , but that is hilarious .

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      1. in terms of a cure, i think youre correct– comfort with the body is vital to reconnecting with a healthy sexuality.

        if you like hilarious and you want to talk chickens and eggs, theres a joke about a chicken laying in bed smoking a cigarette while the egg rolls over and mumbles, “i guess now we know the answer to *that* question.” 😀


  2. One of the reasons for nudity being associated with sex is that one cannot happen without the other: Two people can’t have sex until they are naked, and a person is usually naked to some extent before pleasuring themselves sexually.

    I agree that nudity, on its own, is not pornographic — not evil. For example: In the Bible, God created men and women “naked without shame.” (Genesis 2:25)

    And I agree that, in order for the naked body to no longer be seen as a sex object, one way that happens is by being more accepting of nudity in day-to-day life — being naked in the appropriate time, at the appropriate place, with the appropriate people.

    For example: A woman wouldn’t walk into a bar naked, but that same woman wouldn’t mind being naked when she’s at her house with her best friends.

    Religion has played a role in associating nudity with sex, but depending on which religion you’re talking about, that same religion extols the virtues of the naked body.

    For example: To go back to the Bible: God sees Adam and Eve, sees that they are naked, and say it is “very good.” (Genesis 1:31) But: Because of this imperfect world we live in — Genesis 3:7 — it is no longer possible to be completely without shame when naked in the sight of others.

    The purpose of clothes is, ultimately, not to conceal the body, as if it were some evil thing. Because it’s not. The purpose of clothes is to implicitly say “Look beyond my ___ and see me.”

    For example: The reason a woman frantically covers herself when someone walks in on her when she’s in the bathroom isn’t because she sees her body as evil and in need of being hidden — it’s because she wants to be seen as more than her body by the person who has walked in on her: She is covering her breasts in order to implicitly say “Don’t look at my breasts. Look into my eyes. Don’t see my nipples. See my soul.”


    1. I challenge you to try an experiment . Observe a man interacting with two women . One clothed and one not . I can assure you that after a time , you will see that it is the clothed woman he covets , because she seems to be the forbidden fruit . I’ll share a personal experience . I did a photo shoot with 3 other women . They decided to get naked . I chose some suggestive , but covered poses . It was my pictures , that by far , interested the men who saw them .

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      1. “It was my pictures, that by far, interested the men who saw them.”

        How interesting.

        Thank you for sharing that experience with me.

        It reminds me of a story I once heard:

        A boy’s friends were excited about a magazine with pictures of naked women in it that they had found. The boy, wanting to know what his friends were so happy about, asked to see the magazine. Being the son of an artist, the boy had seen naked women before, when his father was creating nude art. Having been exposed to an artistic view of nudity, the boy wondered what it is that his friends were so excited about. To the boy, the naked body was as common a sight as flowers or clouds — it was nothing to get excited about.

        “I can assure you that after a time, you will see that it is the clothed woman he covets…”

        I don’t doubt that a man would covet a clothed woman and not a naked woman for the reason that you state: He sees her as forbidden fruit.

        However: I don’t believe that every single man would not covet the naked woman, because not all men are the same.


      2. I love that story . I have no doubt that you are also right . I don’t see that in my social circle and maybe that is just because of the people I surround myself with . I was admittedly uncomfortable the first time I was nude in a group …but not for long . It was soon very comfortable and natural . The conversations seemed more authentic , because people had nothing to hide .

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      3. “I love that story.”

        I’m glad you loved it. It’s one of my favorite stories.

        “I have no doubt that you are also right.”

        Thank for the compliment.

        “I was admittedly uncomfortable the first time I was nude in a group …but not for long. It was soon very comfortable and natural. The conversations seemed more authentic, because people had nothing to hide.”

        I’m glad.

        I’ve heard a number of similar stories: Stories of people being more at peace when they were naked around others because nothing was hidden — everything was out in the open.

        Nudity is inherently good.

        And the sexual aspect of nudity — the pleasure that can be experienced when one is naked — is just one aspect of nudity.

        If the naked body is to no longer be seen as pornographic, than it must be communicated that there is more to a person’s naked body, and more on the mind of the person who is naked, than what is between their legs, or between the legs of the person (or people) they’re with.

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      4. I agree: Nudity can help people to see not only the beauty and uniqueness in their body, but the beauty and uniqueness in another’s body, too.

        What matters is looking beyond the pleasurable aspects of a person’s nudity and seeing the human being underneath.

        For a man, what “looking beyond the pleasurable aspects of a person’s nudity and seeing the human being underneath” means, is not letting an erection dictate how he sees a naked woman — not letting his desire for sex reduce a woman, from the human being she is, to an outlet for his desire: a means to an end.

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