Women’s History Month…And Sex

I was inspired, by one of my groups, to honor Women’s History Month in my way. What a disappointment it was to do a Google search to decide on what to write about and this is what comes up:


Scandalous Women in History | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

http://www.popsugar.com › Love › Women

Jan 18, 2017 – It’s important to pay tribute to the commendable women who’ve made a difference for the better — but what about the bad girls in history, who …

7 Famous Female Sex Scandals Throughout History – The Frisky

Oct 25, 2012 – Sex scandals have been going on forever and they’ve always involved women. But when they’ve involved famous females, the public has …

Famous Bad Girls – Controversial Women in History – Marie Claire

Sep 17, 2010 – Naughty by nature, these famous faces have proven how good it looks to be bad.

5 Women From History Who Were Basically Magic At Sex – Cracked.com

Sep 23, 2015 – Here are some historical women whose creative sexual resumes … I introduced you to half a dozen people who should be famous simply for all …

11 Women Throughout History Who Wrote About Sex | The Huffington …

Mar 11, 2016 – 11 Women Throughout History Who Wrote About Sex … Another one of her famousworks Cheri centers on an aging, once-famous courtesan …

The 50 Greatest Female Sex Symbols in Film History – Nerve

The 50 Greatest Female Sex Symbols in Film History … Brooke Shields purred at us in the famousjean ad: “You want to know what comes between me and my …

10 Famous Female Sex Addicts « LIVE 105


Nov 16, 2011 – The media love demonizing male celebrities for their sex addictions, but women are sexaddicts, too. Here is my list of 10 famous female sex …

Sex: The 7 Sexiest Seductresses Of All Time | YourTango

Jan 15, 2014 – Over the course of thousands of years, certain women stand out as … Catherine the Great: This Russian Empress (inarguably the most famous of all the Russian women who ruled) took … <a href=”http://www.history.com/news.

Human female sexuality – Wikipedia

Human female sexuality encompasses a broad range of behaviors and processes, including …. Another historical device used to control female sexual behavior was the chastity belt, which is a locking item of clothing … Ernst Gräfenberg was famous for his studies of female genitalia and humanfemale sexual physiology.

Who is the most promiscuous woman in history? – Quora

The Fokkens Twins, ~177,500 each. Our only ladies on the list are two of the oldest living … Cleopatra was certainly someone who believed in sex as a tool in foreign policy, and had specially … Nell Gwynne is probably the most famous.

So…when it relates to sex, women can only be famous for being scandalous, controversial, addicts or sex symbols?


I’ll give credit to Huffington Post for their article on female writers with regards to sexuality (see above), but can you really say that these women were a major influence on women and sexuality? (I know…you want to kill me now.)

Anyway, because I was so disappointed by my initial searches, I decided to pick two women whom I truly admire, and to me, make women take a look at having open conversations about sex.

Dr. Ruth and Betty Dodson.

These women came onto my sex radar at different times in my life and therefore influenced me in different ways. I’ll let the links tell you their history. I’ll just talk about why I feel influenced by these grand dames of sex.

I watched Dr. Ruth on TV during the ’80’s. Yes, I am a child of the ’80’s. I loved how at ease she was at talking about sex. As should we all be. It is our creation after all. We could watch her on daytime TV (Including Hollywood Squares. LOL.) and it was a natural conversation. I loved how she could educate with a giggle and a matter of factness. (That is now a word.) She has a comfortable air about her that makes it easy to open up to her and talk about the hard stuff. I have been told that I have that same kind of presence and I am honored for that.

Betty Dodson was introduced to me after I got into sexuality work. She represents to me the strength I see in every woman who owns their sexuality and who, those who don’t, can emulate. She makes no apologies for who she is or what she says. She does amazing work in her Body Sex workshops for women. Imagine the power in a group of women masturbating together. I don’t say that to belittle or get a giggle out of what she does. I really mean…IMAGINE THE POWER. I would like to think I am a bit like her as well. I stand strong in who I am and the work that I do.

Thank you ladies, for being women to admire in the face of controversy.

These ladies are both in their later ’80’s and still kicking, which just proves…sex is essential for good health and a good life.

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4 thoughts on “Women’s History Month…And Sex

  1. dr. ruth is a huge influence on me and my attitude towards sexuality. i think shes a lovely person, and she makes everything fun and frank. dodson is super-cool for her “hands-on” approach to learning.

    great choices! i didnt think today was about sex (i reblogged about ayah bdeir and imposter syndrome in academia, and im planning to reblog about sophie wilson) but dr. ruth is always a good choice!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ive never disagreed with that. im pretty sure ive been interacting with that energy since i was 4, if not forever.

        the first woman i was ever attracted to, was a beautiful actress then less than 20. before i was even in school, i said “im gonna marry her.” never did happen– im still interested, and shes still beautiful and famous– i suppose (technically) anythings possible 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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